by Andy Wilson

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released September 13, 2011



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Andy Wilson Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: how many things would you let go of
how many things would you let go of
in a flash falling from above
if you could see your worth
to the people that you hurt

how many days are your thoughts as plain
as the hope to feel new again
like a tree full of leaves
or a person set free

I went to see you and we talked for a while
not about the past but about the miles
between where we are and where we wanna be

if all the clouds were to melt away
in a flash I guess we’d have to say
let’s have peace among friends
let’s be true to the end

how many things would you let go of
for to be true to the love
it made you at the start
and it’s still inside your heart
Track Name: a green door
a green door leads to a room
the aching in my heart the scary way it starts
the feeling of doom
the feeling of doom

my black shoes stand still on the floor
the holiness this time is separate in my mind
from the holiness before
the holiness before

falling down with you is the easy thing to do
getting up is what we never do enough
we never do enough

a green door is opening for us
leads to a finer place of mystery and grace
of gentleness and love
gentleness and love
Track Name: all the colors, all the streets
all the colors have blended to one
and the streets they are one too
between you and i
I hope we never die
but I know that could never be true
I’m in love baby I’m a fool

all the means things have been designed
same with the killers and their minds
what makes it so sad
is what we could have had
my great longing would feel so nice
I’m in love but I’m cold as ice

what a sad sad city
more than we ever knew
let’s go home
just me and you
what a sad sad city
it’s wrong not to care
I want to go home
and be with you there

all the colors are turning to red
and the streets are curious things
I’ll never learn
the ways they turn
but the truth is there’s not much to see
I’m in love but I’ll never believe
Track Name: blank stare
that blank stare you have
is so revealing
the absence of feeling
and also believing
it’s a way to be lazy
till the hours are gone
that blank stare you have on

that cold logic that rules you
has taken everything
that you had to give
it’s taken everything
there’ no joke I could tell
no story or song
that cold logic is wrong

that blank stare you have
it looks so endless
it makes me feel different
to see myself
reflected in your eyes
your sorrowful eyes
that blank stare turns to cries
Track Name: frozen pond
and so I’m on a frozen pond
time to say so long
my winter coat is full of holes
I had to let it go
what makes the dawn
so bright and new
what makes me fall for you

but fall I did and like a drunk
into my bed and then I sunk
into a sleep that was so cold
my blankets were full of holes

I hate goodbyes
they make my eyes
turn toward dark skies
what makes the dawn
want to come
after it’s been gone

but I’ll be gone and then you’ll say
that it was the only way
what happens next I must confess
I don’t know what to expect

and so I’m on a frozen pond
time to say so long